Environmental Engineering Department


The mission of the Department of Environmental Engineering (NVE) is to teach, conduct research and serve the community through professional development and technology transfer. The NVE pursues excellent teaching by providing quality education that will enable its graduates to demonstrate their technical proficiency, their ability to communicate effectively, their responsible citizenship, their lifelong learning, and their ethical behavior in their career and professional practice. The NVE also encourages activities that enrich the student potential for career and professional achievement and leadership. The NVE is committed to providing graduates who improve the quality of life, meet the needs of industry and government, and contribute to the economic competitiveness of the region and the nation. The NVE strives to attain a level of research and scholarly productivity befitting a major research university and warranting national and international recognition for excellence.
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Undergraduate Program Objectives
1.Program graduates will continue to learn, develop and apply their knowledge and skills to identify, prevent, and solve environmental problems. Evidence of achievement of this objective includes one or more of the following:
  • Passing the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination
  • Obtaining and maintaining a Professional Engineering License
  • Admission to graduate school including medical and law school
  • Enrollment in continuing education and professional short courses
2.Program graduates will have careers that benefit society as a result of their educational experiences in science, analysis and design, as well as in their social and cultural studies. Evidence of achievement of this objective includes one or more of the following:
  • Employment in an engineering or related technical capacity
  • Active participation in professional organizations
  • Providing community service
3.Program graduates will communicate and work effectively in all work settings including those that are multidisciplinary. Evidence of achievement of this objective includes one or more of the following:
  • Publication in journals and other media
  • Presentations at technical conferences or other forums
  • Teaching
  • Meaningful contributions to engineering or related reports
  • Assignments as a task or team leader