ENV University Day 2015 Students Projects

Supervisor: Dr. Hussein + Dr. Shayma

Number of Project: 6

Number of Student: 16

Referees: Dr. Diyar (in), Dr. Jabbar Kadhim & Mr. Adil (ex)


N Title Student Description Supervisor Photo
1 Wind turbine Meer Gew,
Arez Azadeen
This project is aboutproducing
electricity from wind turbine
installed in building. The
proposed system will save
energy and will save the
Dr. Hussein Ahmed Mohammed


2 Production
electricity from saltwater
Chawan Star,
Naivan Sarkawt,
Eman HamaAziz,
Niga Mohammed
This project is aboutproducing
electricity from saltwater. The
proposed idea will help in
producing clean energy and will also save the environment.
Dr. Hussein Ahmed Mohammed
3 Waste water
treatment plant (from the Intro
to Eng)
Tazhan Rebwar,
Shaye Kamaran, Danaz jalal,
Sawan Nasradeen
This project covers theTanjaro
waste water treatment plant that
can be useful for sulemani city
and around it. The project has
been designed by the students
to be considered as part of their activity applications for the environmental issues in the city.
Mr. Awesar Abd Hussain
4 Making paint from milk Przha Rzgar,
Sahand Mariwan
This project is aboutproducing paint from milk. It is very good for the environment because the milk paint is considered a nontoxic and og/L VOC. Dr. Shayma Ahmed Shakr
5 Making a plastic from potato starch Ara Khdir,
Naz Kamaran
This project will showhow can we make plastic out of starch from plants instead of plastic which is made out of oil. Dr. Shayma Ahmed Shakr
6 Recycle HDPE plastic bottle Lavin Shirwan,
Vanaz Bestun
This project is veryuseful for healthy environment, as we can recycle all the plastic bottle in a very easy and an effective way. Dr. Shayma Ahmed Shakr